"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."     ~Roald Dahl~


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Mijn naam is Madeleine de Kemp, mixed media artist & art teacher. Op deze site vind je alle info over mijn kunst & werkzaamheden. Stuur gerust een mailtje als je nog meer wilt weten.


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    Madeleine de Kemp

    Joh. Geradtsweg 25, 1222 PL Hilversum

    Mobiel : 06 201 37 349

    E-mail: info@makeartbehappy.nl

  • Online workshop teacher

    bij www.artfulgatheringevents.com

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    All artwork, design concepts, text, and photos are copyright ©MadeleinedeKemp/MakeArtBeHappy. All rights reserved. Please do not use any artwork, designs, photos or content from this site without explicit permission. The designs, artwork, workshop ideas and text on this site are for personal viewing only and may not be copied, imitated or sold in any form.


  • Serendipity;

    (noun) finding something good without looking for it ..